Paige I’m ecstatic!  Your descriptions really clarified a lot for me…..I was starting to have this conversation that we were not having before!  I was able to adjust tone as needed, which was a bit of trial and error throughout instead of clenching the entire time and he <horse> was responding!

Gen D, Australia

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This video is to introduce the lunging technique we use. It is not intended to be used without our guidance. It is important that we see how the horse is responding to this because like any technique or gymnastic, if the horse's coordination is not right, it can do more harm than good. The technique is DeCarpentry's method updated by Cornille. It is particularly useful in rehabilitation where we need to be very careful to encourage the horse to explore a healthy coordination. The horse has to learn it and we need the horse's brain to process. This system allows guidance but not control and that is the intention. Knowledge of biomechanics enables the analysis necessary to make decisions about how to proceed.