Jumping, Classical Dressage, Rehabilitation in hand and under saddle. Beginners through advanced.

What distinguishes our approach to training is that we teach riders how the horse's body works and how the rider's body influences it. From that basis we teach techniques and strategies for preventing lameness and increasing performance. Rider's who know the aids and know the results they seek will often fill the gap between the two with "I'm not (insert adjective) enough", "My horse is not (insert adjective) enough, or "So-n-so is just gifted." This gap is better filled with knowledge based strategy. That doesn't get you off the hook from practicing, but it does make practice turn into progress. Borrowed from martial arts: a mediocre technique plus great strategy has greater success than superior technique plus mediocre strategy. It not only elevates a student’s riding ability, but also provides students with the tools to analyze and fix problems as they emerge. With horses, there will always be problems to solve and balance to improve. Learning to perceive and correct imbalances that will lead to lameness turns into a great amount of savings over a lifetime.

Lessons include biomechanics analysis.
You have the option to have your lessons videoed. There is a $25 processing fee or for a written analysis, $65.

  • Local Private lessons: $65  (trip charge may apply)
  • Video Lessons - inquire for details (must have the ability to provide steady, high quality video and you need access to a good internet service for uploading.
  • Biomechanics Consultation - kinematic analysis - what this reveals is unhealthy locomotion that will lead to pathology if it's not already there.  Use in conjunction with veterinary diagnostics which typically locate what hurts now. 
  • Training/Rehabilitation
  • Train the trainer - application of biomechanics seminars

We also offer kinematic analysis for buyers for $65.

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